Urban Gardening Solutions

GreenLush Gardens LLP, is an urban gardening venture that brings products and solutions for you to create your own green and lush gardens at home. Grow your own food including fruits and vegetables, organically, and bring nature at your door step.



Why grow your own food?

You have the ASSURANCE and SATISFACTION of eating healthy organically cultivated food.

You can grow a VARIETY of seasonal fruits, vegetables and herbs, all year round.

You can grow AYURVEDIC herbs and explore natural medicine.

The food that comes straight from your garden TASTES much better than uniformed tasteless supermarket food. After having your kitchen garden established, you need not buy pre-chlorinated and plastic packed fruits and vegetables from the market. This will have a positive impact on the  ENVIRONMENT and result in less plastic waste. Also, growing more plants is always good for the nature and will improve the overall atmosphere at your home.

Organically grown food is RICH in NUTRITIONAL VALUE. This is even more significant when you have kids and pregnant women at home, who need more nourishment.

Typically the COST of a kitchen garden set-up is easily recovered within the first year. As you pluck fresh produce directly from your garden, you substitute from buying expensive organic produce available in the market.

Growing a productive kitchen garden is a great way to cultivate healthy eating habits in your children. It also means the family can explore their gardening skills and enjoy their time together.


Why organic?

The current conventional farming system uses unsustainable and detrimental system of food production. Each year more and more harmful insecticides and fertilizers are required to keep the soil fertile and maintain the crop yield. As a result, the consumers get food that is highly contaminated, which may result in serious disorders and diseases.

Often the fruits and vegetables travel thousands of kilometres before they are available for purchase, which results in loss of vital nutrients and flavour.

The water that is used for agriculture, seeps in to the soil taking along the harmful chemicals. The same water ends-up as drinking water often contaminated.